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Crunching the Queens crime stats: Robberies and burglaries trending downward

Sep. 6, 2023 By Ethan Marshall

Robberies, burglaries and other property crimes are dropping across Queens, according to a review of recent crime statistics covering the end of August and the start of September.

The NYPD released its crime stats for its precincts in northern and southern Queens during the week of Aug. 28 to Sept. 3. Much of the data reflected interesting changes compared to the same time period in 2022 and, overall, many of the precincts saw a decrease in crime compared to the same period of time in 2022.

crime stats

QNS illustration

crime stats

QNS illustration

The 16 precincts for which crime stats were collected included the 100th-115th precincts. The precincts in northern Queens include the 104th, 108th, 109th, 110th, 111th, 112th, 114th and 115th. Those in southern Queens are the 100th, 101st, 102nd, 103rd, 105th, 106th, 107th and 113th.

Of the 16 precincts analyzed, only the 102nd Precinct in southern Queens saw a murder case during that span.

Robbery cases went down in most of the precincts. Those in northern Queens to see a decrease include the 108th (three to two), 109th (11 to 10), 110th (12 to six), 114th (five to two) and 115th (nine to six) precincts. The 111th Precinct in northern Queens and 105th, 107th and 113th precincts in southern Queens each saw no change in this category.

The southern Queens precincts to experience a decline in robbery cases included the 100th (one to zero), 101st (five to one), 102nd (three to one), 103rd (nine to eight) and 106th (six to four). None of the precincts in southern Queens experienced a rise in this category.

Most of the precincts in northern Queens saw a decline in burglaries this year. This includes the 108th (four to zero), 109th (17 to 10), 112th (four to two), 114th (seven to two) and 115th (eight to five). It’s also worth noting that the 110th Precinct saw no change after experiencing two last year and this year.

A similar trend for burglaries in southern Queens was also experienced, according to the crime stats. The 100th (five to one), 101st (two to one), 102nd (seven to two), 103rd (three to one) and 106th (four to zero) precincts all experienced a decline in burglaries.

Grand larcenies also saw a decrease within most of the precincts in both northern and southern Queens. According to the crime stats, the 104th (22 to 18), 109th (34 to 29), 110th (19 to 17), 111th (21 to 13) and 112th (nine to eight) each experienced declines in northern Queens. Southern Queens saw the 100th (five to four), 102nd (12 to nine), 103rd (13 to eight), 107th (23 to 10) and 113th (10 to eight) precincts see the amount of these reported cases go down.

The crime stats show that the difference in the number of reported cases of grand larceny of an automobile is a bit more diverse across the precincts in both northern and southern Queens. Four of the eight northern Queens precincts saw a decrease in this category. This includes the 108th (six to five), 110th (11 to six) and 112th (seven to two) precincts. The 111th Precinct experienced no change.

Southern Queens’ crime stats show that three precincts experienced a decrease in reported cases of grand larceny of an automobile. The 101st (four to two), 107th (eight to one) and 113th (11 to 6) precincts were those that saw a decline in cases compared to last year. The 100th and 102nd precincts saw no change compared to last year.

The crime stats show very few rape cases reported in northern Queens. The 108th, 110th, 111th and 112th precincts experienced no such cases. The 104th, 109th and 115th precincts each had one this year, with the 109th presenting no change compared to last year, as opposed to the 104th and 115th, which saw a rise this year. Additionally, the number of cases within the 114th Precinct rose from one to two.

Southern Queens follows a similar pattern in rape cases reported. There were no such cases this year in the 100th, 102nd, 103rd, 107th and 113th precincts. The 101st, 105th and 106th precincts each had one.

Felony assault cases in northern Queens saw an increase in most of the precincts. The lone exception was within the 111th Precinct, which saw no change, with two this year after two last year. The crime stats in Southern Queens, on the other hand, do reflect decreases in at least some precincts. The 100th (five to two), 103rd (13 to 11), 105th (eight to seven) and 106th (seven to two) precincts each saw the number of cases go down. The 107th Precinct saw no change in this category, with four this year after four last year.

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