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CVS on 46th Avenue in Auburndale to close on July 10

Jun. 7, 2023 By Ethan Marshall

The CVS located at 172-21 46th Ave. in Auburndale will be shutting down on July 10, according to one of the store’s supervisors. Until then, the store intends to provide the same quality service for its customers.

The announcement of the store’s upcoming closure drew reactions from many members of the community. Some who frequent other nearby CVS locations hypothesized that these other stores may see more customers once the 46th Avenue location closes. They feel that all the customers who frequented that location will end up going to the next-closest one in their area.

One resident noted that the CVS at 212-20 Northern Blvd. in Bayside is less than 10 minutes away from the Flushing location. The resident also noted that another pharmacy was just six blocks away, just off Union Turnpike, as well as a Walgreens Pharmacy seven blocks away, on Northern Boulevard.

Some community members said they used to love going to that location. However, in recent years, they noted that the quality of the store had gone down. One common gripe was they would regularly be out of stock on certain items.

“That CVS would be out of items I wanted,” Bayside resident James LaManna said. “I liked them initially but found their stock to be less than desirable in recent years. I am concerned because I just don’t want to see a big empty building and parking lot there, as I live very close.”

Another Bayside resident, Joanne Ventrella, said the closure could have an unintended impact on elderly people living nearby who frequent the place. Ventrella said they may also have a difficult time trying to pick up their prescriptions from another pharmacy that isn’t as close to them.

“For an elderly person that likes to have places as close to home as possible, it hurts them,” Ventrella said. “There are folks that going to a local store keeps them active.”

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