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From operating businesses and a movie studio to writing a book, Flushing residents look to continue entrepreneurial success

Oct. 24, 2023 By Ethan Marshall

Flushing residents Perry LaBarca and Chase Muratore, successful entrepreneurs in various fields, run their movie studio, “Rollin Studios,” in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Their next project is LaBarca’s upcoming book, “Bean Shooters,” set to inspire hope and boost reader confidence. It is slated for a 2024 release.

LaBarca excels in the demolition and scrap metal industries, acquiring and demolishing decommissioned power plants and paper mills around the world before preparing the scrap metal for sale. He passionately advocates repurposing these lands for new developments and businesses. He’s also ventured into the fashion world with his own clothing line, Perrianno Fashion.

Photo courtesy of Perry LaBarca

Muratore, a partner in many of their endeavors, has produced documentaries and feature films. These works explore challenging topics such as disability, diverse spiritual concepts and suicide prevention. These cinematic projects complement the duo’s shared passion for filmmaking.

According to LaBarca, “Bean Shooters” aims to inspire young individuals. Their journey from humble backgrounds to success serves as a testament to what others can achieve independently. LaBarca’s message is clear: “They can do it, too. It’s all about resilience.”

Photo courtesy of Perry LaBarca

“I want them to say, ‘Those guys did it on their own, so we can do it,'” LaBarca said. “When I wanted to learn fashion, I went to Italy and knocked on the doors of manufacturers and got all the fabrics. When I wanted to get into the movie business, I went to Hollywood, started kicking on the doors and got into it. I think it’s just about staying resilient.”

The book acts as a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs, equipping them with strategies to navigate industry challenges, especially dealing with “BS artists.” LaBarca’s publication is due in the second quarter of 2024.

LaBarca acknowledges Muratore’s valuable input in the book’s creation, as their close friendship is strengthened through shared experiences in entrepreneurship and resilience.

“We aim to promote perseverance,” Muratore emphasizes. “In today’s uncertain world, your role in society matters more than ever. Be an example. Despite the uncertainty, the opportunity is greater than ever.”

Chapters in the book include “The Art of Procrastination,” “The Tangled Web of Pointless Meetings” and “The Illusion of Productivity.” LaBarca’s optimism stems from his own industry experiences and those of his peers, anticipating “Beanshooters” will thrive.

Their movie studio’s upcoming project, a computer-animated comedy named “Pierre the Pigeon-Hawk,” is scheduled for a 2024 release, with LaBarca and Muratore as producers. They plan to expand their studio locations, including one in Whitestone.

LaBarca said his vision for the movie studio was born from a deep interest in the industry and valuable networking, with the latter facilitating its growth over the past decade.

“Me and Perry have differences, but our shared commitment goes beyond financial gain. We’re thankful to deliver results,” Muratore said.

Besides providing clothing to stores through their fashion line, LaBarca and Muratore donate suits to individuals who can’t afford them, aiding them in job hunting.

Muratore underscores the significance of building and nurturing connections, stating, “Ultimately, it’s all about relationships and ensuring that investors are benefiting.”

Both praise each other; Muratore hails LaBarca’s excellent management skills, while LaBarca describes Muratore as one of the most loyal people he’s ever encountered.

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