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Lenox Hill Radiology in Elmhurst hosting breast cancer screening event May 20

May. 10, 2023 By Ethan Marshall

The Elmhurst location for Lenox Hill Radiology, in partnership with EmblemHealth, will be holding a special Mother’s Day breast cancer screening event on May 20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. In addition to receiving free mammograms, women will also each get a free massage and manicure.


Photo by Brooke Incontrera/RadNet

Lenox Hill Radiology is part of RadNet, the leading radiology provider in the United States. RadNet performs approximately 1.4 million screening mammography exams a year. While breast cancer is responsible for the second-highest amount of cancer-related deaths among women, the five-year survival rate is 99% when it is detected early and in the first stage.

According to RadNet Vice President of Operations Vickie Bedel, the goal for RadNet and Emblem Health is to make sure patients who haven’t been screened for a while get their mammograms while also providing them with a fun time. She feels the massage and manicure will help patients in feeling less nervous or anxious as they undergo screenings.


Photo by Brooke Incontrera/RadNet

“As we all know, screening is important,” Bedel said. “We encourage women to bring a friend, bring their mom, bring a sister, just make it a girls day. If you look at statistics, one out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s our job as an imaging provider to provide access at a very affordable cost as well as making it convenient for a patient.”

Bedel also pointed out that many women, especially those in their 40s, often put off getting screenings because they are preoccupied taking care of other people, like spouses, children or other family members. Consequently, they may be too busy taking care of others to make the effort of taking care of themselves. Bedel said it is very important for women from the age of 40 onward to get mammograms annually.

“Just like anything in life, if you catch something early, the outcomes are much better,” Bedel said. “In this case, it’s positive for the whole cost of health care. If you attack it early, it doesn’t blow up into something you can’t manage. At this stage of our lives in the United States, women should not die to breast cancer if the cancer is caught early and treated.”

According to EmblemHealth Assistant Vice President of Quality Strategy and Initiatives Ksenia Ivanov, the Elmhurst location isn’t the only spot in New York City for this event. Brooklyn Bond Street Lenox Hill Radiology was also chosen for the event. Both of these areas were selected because EmblemHealth and RadNet identified its surrounding neighborhoods as having a higher percentage of women who have not received a mammography in recent years when compared to its other locations across the state.

“Breast cancer remains a leading cause of death among women and prevention is key,” Ivanov said. “Our MAMMOglam events with RadNet are an opportunity for EmblemHealth members in Queens and Brooklyn to prioritize their breast health and take that first step towards preventive care. There, they can receive life-saving mammography services in the communities they live and work in, all while getting pampered alongside their loved ones.”

RadNet currently has 357 locations across the United States, including 82 in New York state. The centers take pride in providing convenient access and making the patients feel comfortable as they undergo their experiences there.

May 20 won’t mark the first “MAMMOglam party” that Lenox Hill Radiology holds at its Elmhurst location. The event was also held on May 6. The Elmhurst location can be found at 88-12 Queens Blvd.

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