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Northeast Queens elected officials honor outgoing District 26 PTA Presidents’ Council leader

May. 23, 2023 By Ethan Marshall

Several northeast Queens elected officials came together on May 19 to celebrate District 26 PTA Presidents’ Council President Cathy Grodsky as she prepared to leave her post.

Among those who came together to honor Grodsky were former Councilman Barry Grodenchik, Assembly members Nily Rozic, David Weprin and Ed Braunstein, District 26 Superintendent Danielle Giunta, Councilwoman Linda Lee, Senator John Liu and District 26 United Federation of Teachers Representative David Waltzer.

“I am deeply committed to my work as a parent leader because it is about empowering and amplifying the voices of parents,” Grodsky said. “By advocating for meaningful change, we create a brighter future for our children. This recognition serves as a reminder of the collective impact we can make when we come together and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our community.”

Grodsky has served as the PTA Presidents’ Council President since 2015. Throughout her tenure, she fought for the rights of families within School District 26. She has always prioritized the needs of the students throughout her work.

“As any parent knows, the education of our children is the most important priority for our future,” Liu said. “We honor Cathy Grodsky because she went above and beyond the educational well-being of her own children to also prioritize the success of the entire District 26 community through the PTA Presidents’ Council. For her fierce advocacy, passion and commitment to our children, we proudly recognize her work and offer our sincere gratitude.”

Grodsky was presented with proclamations from the state Senate, Assembly and City Council. Each proclamation was meant to honor her outstanding work for the city and state.

“Cathy Grodsky’s name has become synonymous with the success of District 26,” Rozic said. “Countless families have benefited from Cathy’s tireless work and advocacy as president of the President’s Council. Her leadership and presence are unmatched.”

Grodsky began her work with schools in District 26 by volunteering as a kindergarten mom at P.S. 213Q The Carl Ullman School before quickly rising to become PTA president. Throughout her time at P.S. 213Q, Grodsky built connections throughout the community, partnering with local businesses and befriending local elected officials. She also gave it her all when it came to strengthening the school’s culture.

Grodsky would later become PTA president at MS 74 Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School. Her innovative fundraising ideas and student-centered events there allowed for the PTA to raise funds to significantly expand the robust menu of clubs and extracurricular offerings at the school.

“Cathy Grodsky has been a phenomenal leader for northeast Queens families, devoting countless hours to improving our local schools, supporting students and parents and advocating for districtwide interests on a citywide level,” Braunstein said. “I was proud to thank and commend her alongside many colleagues, educators and parent leaders at the annual District 26 PTA Presidents’ Council Breakfast for her years of service to the community.”

Grodsky’s influence extends beyond District 26. She has modeled advocacy for parents and parent leaders at a citywide level and has partnered with other New York City parent councils when necessary to leverage leadership.

“For years, Cathy Grodsky’s passionate leadership has benefited families and school communities across District 26 as president of the PTA Presidents’ Council,” Lee said. “Cathy has been instrumental in creating exceptional learning experiences for students in our community and building on the foundation that keeps our schools thriving. I am proud to join my colleagues and honor her career of committed service for children across Queens.”

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