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Santos curses out mayor after claiming his car got broken into 


Dec. 28, 2023 By Iryna Shkurhan Disgraced former congressmember George Santos took to social media Wednesday and blasted Mayor Eric Adams in an expletive filled rant claiming that his car was broken into while parked on a Flushing street Tuesday. In a two-minute video Santos shared on X on Dec. 27, he blamed the mayor for his car window getting smashed and added that five other cars on the street were also affected.  “You were a cop right, you piece of s!*t. Is that what you do? Is that how you’re keeping the city safe? F***ing animal,” spewed Santos. “You…
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Following George Santos’ expulsion from Congress, state legislators gather in Douglaston to promote bill that would prevent other liars from taking office


Dec. 8, 2023 By Iryna Shkurhan Following the expulsion of George Santos from Congress, officials gathered outside his now empty office in Douglaston to rally support for “common sense” legislation inspired by his deceit of voters.  The bill, introduced by state Sen. John Liu and Assemblymember Gina Sillitti, calls for greater transparency in candidate disclosures….
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Republican congressional candidate discusses damning discoveries from George Santos’ ethics report


Nov. 28, 2023 By Ethan Marshall Following a damning ethics report put together by the House Ethics Committee, there is a growing demand, both inside and outside of Congress, for controversial Republican Congressman George Santos to be expelled. Michael Sapraicone, who is running for the Republican nomination for Santos’ congressional seat, is among those to…
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Ethics chairman launches a new bid to expel George Santos after a withering report on his conduct

George Santos

Nov. 17, 2023 By Kevin Freking, AP

The chairman of the House Ethics Committee announced Friday he has filed a resolution to force a vote on expelling Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., from Congress, one day after the committee issued a withering report detailing substantial evidence that Santos converted campaign donations for his own personal use.