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Adams says he tells donors to ‘follow the rules,’ after 6 indicted in straw donor scheme to boost his 2021 campaign

Jul. 10, 2023 By Ethan Stark-Miller Mayor Eric Adams on Monday insisted he’s “very clear” about telling donors to “follow the rules” when giving to his campaigns for public office, after six contributors to his 2021 bid for mayor were indicted Friday for allegedly orchestrating a straw-donor scheme to funnel city matching funds above the…
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NY politicos react to Trump being hit with 34-count indictment

Apr. 4, 2023 By Ethan Stark-Miller

Following ex-President Donald Trump pleading not guilty to a 34-count indictment alleging he broke state law by falsifying business records, New York politicos were quick to weigh-in on the first commander-in-chief to be arrested on criminal charges.