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Council Member Won hosts third welcome dinner for migrants and asylum seekers


Mar. 26, 2024 By Czarinna Andres In a significant community effort to support migrants and asylum seekers, Council Member Julie Won spearheaded her third welcoming dinner and resource fair on Friday, March 22, at P.S. 111 Jacob Blackwell in Long Island City. The event, hosted for the newly arrived residents in her western Queens council…
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Experts say migrant woman, children are at increased risk of human trafficking during Bayside discussion


Sep. 29, 2023 By Iryna Shkurhan At a virtual think tank discussion on human trafficking organized by Bayside’s Center for Women of New York, experts pointed out that migrant women and children are at risk.  More than 118,000 migrants have arrived in New York City since April 2022. And as the city struggles to provide them with adequate resources without exacerbating the existing economic strain, a growing market for sex work adds another layer to their vulnerability.  On Wednesday, Sept. 27, CWNY organized a virtual think tank panel to discuss the ongoing issue of human trafficking. The panel featured representatives…
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