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Op-Ed | City of Yes: A little more housing in every neighborhood

Mayor Adams

Jul. 16, 2024 By Mayor Eric Adams Our city is facing a generational housing crisis with a vacancy rate at 1.4 percent, and half of all New York renters are paying more than 30 percent of their income in rent. The only way to solve this crisis is simple: build more. That requires all…

Op-Ed | Fighting for safer, cleaner streets


Jul. 9, 2024 By Mayor Eric Adams Last week, we celebrated Independence Day — an opportunity to reflect on the values that make the American Dream possible in our city. Public safety and livability are two such foundational commitments — allowing every New Yorker to pursue their dreams without fear for their safety and…

Op-Ed | Education that lifts up all of our students


Jun. 25, 2024 By Mayor Eric Adams As New York City’s first openly dyslexic mayor, I know what it is like to not have the support I needed in school growing up. School was often difficult for me. I was scared of being called on by the teacher and my fellow students made fun…

Op-Ed: Not another Amazon disaster

June 20, 2024 By John J. Ciafone, Esq. A few years ago, Long Island City won a national competition to house the corporate headquarters of Amazon.  Amazon promised tens of thousands of jobs, from technical employment for workers to local student graduates, deliverers, contractors, laborers, construction union jobs, Porters and Superintendents.  Also, not to mention… Read more »

Op-Ed | Celebrating Juneteenth with a new heritage walk, landmark, and progress

Eric Adams

Jun. 18, 2024 By amNewYork As the second Black mayor of New York City, I am proud to celebrate Juneteenth, a day that commemorates June 19, 1865, when every enslaved Black American was finally free. This is a day of importance not just for Black Americans, but for all Americans. It is a day…

Op-Ed | Celebrating Memorial Day


May. 28, 2024 By Mayor Eric Adams

Every year, we are proud to welcome our nation’s sea servicemembers to New York City for Fleet Week, a celebration of the courage and commitment of all those who serve our nation — and those who have given their lives to protect it.

Op-Ed | Spring jobs sprint will lead to a summer of opportunity

Mayor Adams

May. 21, 2024 By Mayor Eric Adams New York City is in the middle of an economic boom, breaking record after record when it comes to creating jobs and opportunity. Just last week, we celebrated another record high for private-sector jobs in our city, with unemployment falling to 4.8 percent. There is also good news…
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Op-Ed | ‘Operation Padlock to Protect’ — How New York City is taking action to shut down illegal smoke and cannabis shops

Eric Adams

May. 14, 2024 By Mayor Eric Adams When we came to office two years ago, we had a clear vision: protect public safety, rebuild our economy, and make this city more livable for hardworking New Yorkers.  But the increase of unlicensed smoke and cannabis shops across the five boroughs is one of the biggest quality-of-life issues facing…
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