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Ridgewood property owners reject ‘City of Yes’ plan after presentation from urban planner


Apr. 3, 2024 By Anthony Medina A resounding NO for the “City of Yes” echoed throughout the halls of the Ridgewood Presbyterian Church during a Ridgewood property owners meeting early last month, as urban planner Paul Graziano presented his argument against Mayor Eric Adams’ initiative. The Ridgewood Property Owners and Civic Association, comprised of dozens…
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PHOTOS: Ridgewood Property Owners welcomes holiday season with Christmas concert


Dec. 8, 2023 By Anthony Medina The Ridgewood Property Owners and Civic Association brought nearby school choirs, singers and musicians to celebrate the holiday season with a dazzling Christmas concert on Wednesday, Dec. 6.  A packed house of worship at the Ridgewood Presbyterian Church, located on 59-14 70th Ave. in Ridgewood, listen to performances by the Christ the King High School Choir, Our Lady of Victory Choir, Handbell Choir and the Connolly Sisters. The Christ the King High School Choir, led by Musical Director Heather Arzberger and pianist Michael Ouellette, filled the church halls with familiar holiday songs.  Joining the…
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Paul Kerzner honored for a lifetime of community service in Ridgewood

Medina/Paul K

Oct. 10, 2023 By Anthony Medina Ridgewood denizens who’ve lived in the iconic Queens neighborhood for decades remember when nothing but the residential buildings and local businesses were the only structures standing in the way of the sweltering summer sun. It wasn’t until the efforts of one local man, regarded by many as a prominent leader and voice in the community, that residents no longer had to scurry indoors to find any shade. Well over 20,000 trees adorn the sidewalks in western Queens and parts of Brooklyn now thanks to this man and his presence in the community. At 72…
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