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Ridgewood group launches petition calling for pedestrian and cyclist safety changes


Mar. 18, 2024 By Anthony Medina A group of residents who have formed Ridgewood Rides — an advocacy group of bicyclists that calls for safe streets — have launched a petition demanding safer access for cyclists and pedestrians to the Ridgewood Reservoir. The Ridgewood Reservoir, located within Highland Park, is situated on the border of Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods, including Bushwick and Cypress Hills. The group has garnered approximately 800 signatures in its quest to make access to the 1.18 miles of park space safe to enjoy the neighborhood’s greenery. Advocates of the petition are calling for protected bike lanes and…
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Ridgewood Rides launches petition to protect pedestrian, cyclist access to Ridgewood Reservoir

Feb. 28, 2023 Elijah Hamilton Ridgewood Rides, a grassroots organization that protects people’s right to bike, is petitioning to save pedestrians’ and cyclists’ access to the Ridgewood Reservoir. The petition advocates for installing bike lanes along Cypress Avenue and widening sidewalks along Cypress Avenue and Vermont Place, both of which lead to the entrance to…
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