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The Lost Battalion & fate of Ridgewood & Glendale Great War soldiers: Our Neighborhood, The Way it Was


Dec. 23, 2023 By The Old Timer On Sept. 26, 1918, the 77th Division — which included many Ridgewood and Glendale soldiers — participated in the Battle of Argonne Forest. They were assigned a front of 7 ½ kilometers, and in 19 days, they managed to move 22 kilometers against five German divisions. One of their units was the famous “Lost Battalion,” which is where Lost Battalion Hall in Rego Park got its name. Elements from the 308th Infantry Regiment and the 306th Machine Gun Battalion, under the command of Charles Whittlesey, were ordered to push ahead in the Argonne…
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Woodhaven’s ties to World War I: Our Neighborhood, The Way it Was


Nov. 4, 2023 By Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society Five hundred and eighty-five days. That’s how long the United States was embroiled in The Great War, or as it is known today, World War 1. Although it officially began on Aug. 1, 1914 it wasn’t until nearly three years later, on April 6, 1917, that…
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