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Alternate Side Parking to be Cut to Once a Week in Pilot Starting Monday


June 23, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Alternate side parking rules will be cut to once per week across the entire city for a one-week pilot beginning Monday — in what could well become a permanent change.

The city will cut street cleaning and alternate side parking rules to once a week on streets where they are currently twice or more a week, beginning Monday, June 29, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this morning.

The city will pilot the cutback for one week and then reassess to see if it is something that can be made permanent.

“This needs to change, so we’re about to make the biggest change in alternate side parking in the last two decades,” de Blasio said, noting he is in favor of making the pilot permanent.

Streets where there are cleaning twice or more a week will only be cleaned on the later day scheduled. For example a Monday, Wednesday street will only be cleaned Wednesday and residents can leave their cars parked on the street Monday.

(City Hall presentation)

De Blasio has repeatedly suspended alternate side parking and street cleaning altogether for weeks at a time during the pandemic. The rules are currently suspended through Sunday.

After next week the city will reevaluate each week whether to suspend alternate parking throughout the summer.

De Blasio said he has been frustrated himself dealing with the alternate side parking rules and trying to find a parking spot.

“It is frustrating. It is difficult, it doesn’t have to be this way,” he said during his daily press briefing this morning. “We have to rethink the whole model.”

He said the rules are unfair and a “super hassle” for people who have to move their cars multiple times a week to avoid a ticket.

The mayor seemed favorable towards cutting back the rules permanently.

“I like it,” he said. “I hope this will prove to be as common sense as I think it is and it’ll be something we can institute long term.”

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jose rivera

I think the first week on monday street cleaning the second week tuesday or Thursday then 3rd week monday 4th week Tuesday or Thursday and if you make new sign making them that every traffic agent and sanitation could understand it please contact me I will love to be part of this process

Nathan Costin

My street is a one way street. One side is cleaned M, Th and the other side Tu, Fr. Does this mean only cleaning on my side once a week (Th), and the other side once (Fr)? Or will they get both sides on one day (Fr)? Please clarify what you mean by “STREETS where there are cleaning twice or more a week will only be cleaned on the later day scheduled”. Thank you

Sara Ross

I’m in Forest Hills and people who work for the Courts (I’m about a mile from the courthouses), NYPD, DOE and other agencies put their plaques on their dashboards and park in front of fire hydrants (sometimes the cars even have out of state license plates but have NYS plaques and permits) and they are NEVER given tickets. Some drivers think the hydrant spots are their personal parking spots and they just pull in, sometimes for days (there’s a driver with a florida plate that does that all the time). Also, did NY merge with NJ because I have noticed about 20 or more temporary NJ license plates and about the same number of permanent plates, not to mention those from PA. I think these drivers should get a ticket until they prove they actually live in those states for the required amount of time (Florida is at least 6 months residency) because if those of us with NY plates have to pay for inspection and registration, so does everybody else!


I’d welcome the change. Ultimately, I think once a month is even sufficient, but we definitely need to cultivate more of a culture of cleanliness and publicly shame dirty littering scumbags.

p merino

All well and good – if the Dept of Sanitation will issue summonses to the folks who abuse the system. Case in point 27th street between Newtown & 30th Ave – and 30th Ave where all the Mt. Sinai workers park their cars and leave copies of their IDs on the dashboards to avoid tickets and or feed the meters. Our street 27th street has not had a decent cleaning in months due to the above.

Heidi Heidi Schwartz

how can they only clean one side of the street and leave the other ? we have Monday and all the hydrants and sewers and already the sewers are almost clogged with dirt ………………they need to alternate weeks


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