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Bonchon expanding its presence in New York with two new western Queens locations

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Oct. 16, 2023 By Czarinna Andres

Korean fried chicken enthusiasts in Queens have a delicious reason to rejoice as Bonchon, the renowned Korean fried chicken chain, is set to make its mark in the borough with two new locations by the end of the year.

With a strong presence across 125 locations in the United States and a remarkable global reach spanning over 420 units worldwide, Bonchon has established itself as a beloved international brand synonymous with the art of crafting hand-battered, double-fried, and irresistibly crispy Korean fried chicken.

Franchise partner SK Bon Inc., is gearing up to open their first Bonchon restaurant at Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst this fall, which promises to be a treat for mall shoppers and food lovers alike. The establishment can be found at the lower level food court next to Panda Express.

Meanwhile, just a short distance away in Long Island City, Sinabro Inc. — another franchise partner — is preparing to launch its third Bonchon location in the City Food Court at the iconic One Court Square this winter. The location at One Court Square is particularly special, as it places Bonchon at the heart of one of Queens’ most diverse neighborhoods.

Both of these openings represent a significant milestone for Bonchon and its commitment to sharing the joy of Korean cuisine. These locations will not only serve as places to enjoy exquisite Korean fried chicken but also as hubs for cultural exchange and culinary discovery.

The expansion into Queens is a testament to Bonchon’s continued growth and popularity in the United States. Established in 2002 in South Korea, Bonchon has evolved into a culinary sensation that transcends cultural boundaries.

As Bonchon continues to expand, the brand remains dedicated to providing high-quality, authentic Korean cuisine that appeals to a wide range of tastes. These new locations in Queens, further reinforce Bonchon’s position as a global restaurant brand known for its distinctive Korean double-fried chicken.

However, there are several other compelling reasons to pay a visit, including the delectable bulgogi fries, a Korean twist on poutine, tantalizing takoyaki, Japanese octopus dumplings, mouthwatering pork buns drizzled with katsu sauce and the delightful japchae, featuring glass noodles with a medley of vegetables and stir-fried beef.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of becoming a part of Bonchon’s success story by opening your own franchise, visit Bonchon’s official website. There, you can also find information such as store hours, menus and more to plan your visit to the upcoming locations at Queens Center Mall and One Court Square in Long Island City.

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