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Man Wanted For Throwing Red Paint Over Glendale House Saturday: NYPD

Red Paint Vandal Glendale (CBS)

Aug. 31, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

Police are searching for a man who allegedly threw red paint at a Glendale house over the weekend.

The suspect is wanted for criminal mischief after vandalizing a multi-family home, located at 71-59 68th Place at around 6:40 p.m. Saturday, cops said,

The perpetrator was seen walking up the front steps of the house carrying two open cans of paint in his hands, according to CCTV footage released by CBS New York.

He placed one can on the floor and then began throwing bright red bright paint at the front of the house from the other can. He then picked up the second can and repeated the crime.

The vandal then took a few steps back and appeared to take a photo of the damage with his cell phone before casually walking off and leaving the empty cans at the scene.

Greta Prell, a tenant who lives in the house, said that the incident was very disturbing

“It made me feel like it was some weird biblical times, like some ‘Redrum’ kind of  … I don’t know. It actually freaked me out,” Prell told CBS New York.

Prell said that she had no idea why the house was targeted and that the vandal does not look familiar based on video footage.

“I have literally no idea. My landlord and her husband and their child and her parents who live in the basement, they’re very peaceful people,” Prell told the news outlet.

Police said they are investigating the incident but have made no arrests.

Cops came to the house but left the paint cans behind them when they left, Prell said.

“We have a video, we have a screenshot, and we have fingerprints. It doesn’t get more abundant than that … and still nothing,” Prell said.

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