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New ‘Affordable’ Housing Lottery Opens in Ridgewood, Rent Starts at $1,797 for Studios

The Strand located at 18-81 Starr St. (NYC HPD)

July 10, 2020 by Allie Griffin

Forty apartments in a newly constructed building in Ridgewood are up for grabs through the city’s affordable housing lottery — but only for those who make at least $61,000 a year.

The building, called the “The Strand,” is located at 18-81 Starr St. It has a mix of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units, which cost upwards of $1,797 a month through the lottery.

Residents must make 130 percent of the area median income to be eligible for the lottery.

There are 11 studio units available for $1,797 a month to households of one to two people who make between $61,612 and $118,300 combined annually.

Another 22 one-bedroom units are available for $2,525 a month to households of one to three people who make between $86,606 and $133,120 combined annually.

Six two-bedroom units are available for $3,044 a month to households of two to five people who make between $104,366 and $159,640 combined annually.

A single three-bedroom is also available for $3,508 a month to households of three to seven people who make between $120,275 and $183,300 combined annually.

A breakdown of the full income requirements is below.

The Strand offers a plethora of amenities, though additional fees apply to most. The building features an attended lobby and package room, onsite parking, laundry, bike storage, fitness center, outdoor terraces, a co-working lounge and a media/gaming lounge.

Nearby transit includes M and L trains and the B38 and B57 buses.

In addition to monthly rent, tenants are responsible for paying for electricity. Gas for cooking and heat is included.

The deadline to apply for the lottery is Sept. 1. Mailed-in applications must be postmarked by that date.

While the units are given out to eligible applicants through a lottery, some preference is given to applicants with vision, mobility and hearing disabilities.

Those eligible can apply to the housing lottery online here.

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These prices are utterly ridiculous. A person making $61k is not going to be able to afford $1800 rent. This is a mockery of what affordable housing should be. People living on the minimum wage cannot afford these apartments at all.

There was a time when the minimum wage meant you didn’t have to worry about paying the bills. Now you have to worry if you could even afford the rent.


While the massing and quality of the building seems appropriate, the affordability of this development is not. $1800 for a studio is NOT affordable for the average, working class person in Ridgewood.


These “affordable” apartments are laughable. $1800 for a studio. That’s AFFORDABLE? To who? Unless you’re going to put 2 sets of bunk beds, its not “affordable”. Thank God, once I retire, Im buying a house in Pennsylvania, where my mortgage will be cheaper than that “affordable” rent. This city has become a joke. Drivers who pay taxes, insurance, registration, maintenance, have no say that our streets are practically being taken away to make way for More pedestrians, who don’t contribute anything. They want to allow more lanes for bicycles that don’t pay anything and don’t even use said bike lanes. In another 10 yrs, the only people who will live in NYC are the rich…..who have plenty of money to burn…..and the poor, who get everything from the government. Yet, the “middle class” who contributes the most, always gets the shaft. Its its not a Democrat or Republican issue, its a quality of life issue. Republicans don’t care about the poor or middle class, and as a Democrat, I can honestly say that Dems only care about the poor and constantly leave the middle class out to dry. Its a travesty.


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