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New Year, New Flavors: Western Queens Welcomes Exciting New Restaurants

Ramro (Instagram)

Dec. 30, 2023 By Czarinna Andres

Food enthusiasts and gastronomes in western Queens have plenty of reasons to celebrate with a culinary cornucopia of new dining options. From cozy neighborhood joints to stylish eateries, this diverse borough is adding new dimensions to its vibrant food scene. Here’s a taste of the exciting new restaurants that have recently opened their doors.

Ramro’s grilled skate wing on a bincho with baby eggplants and house made puri. (Instagram)

  1. Ramro (formerly FoodStruck)

30-93 38th St., Astoria

This restaurant presents a remarkable fusion of Philippine and Nepalese cuisines, refined by French and Japanese culinary techniques. It is a unique culinary destination where casual dining meets gourmet excellence, and each dish reflects a fusion of passion and culinary expertise.

  1. Instant Noodle Factory

24-11 41st Ave., Long Island City 

Instant Noodle Factory in LIC, the brainchild of founders Tat Lee and Cierra Beck, redefines the instant noodle dining experience. This innovative eatery boasts an extensive selection of over 90 noodles and 40 toppings of choice. Highlights include the Beef Birria Bowl and Duck Duck Noods, where diverse flavors and cultures blend seamlessly, offering a unique and comforting fusion dining experience.

Get a free Thai Iced Tea on Pick-up orders $15+ at OneDee Thai (OneDee Thai)

  1. OneDee Thai

49-08 43rd Ave., Sunnyside

OneDee Thai takes pride in offering meals of exceptional quality. Its menu is filled with delicious and authentic Thai dishes that include Duck Tamarind and a variety of classic Thai curries. Immerse yourself in the vibrant aromas and tastes of Thailand, as the restaurant’s talented chefs craft traditional dishes that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Southeast Asia.

  1. BOSKÉ
  2. 28-43 Steinway St., Astoria

    Mofonguitos at BOSKÉ (Instagram)

Step into BOSKÉ, Astoria’s freshest culinary sensation, where Latin fusion cuisine meets modern sophistication. BOSKÉ is set to revolutionize your dining and event encounters. The restaurant lounge effortlessly marries culinary mastery with cutting-edge audio technology, offering an ideal setting for your exclusive gatherings.








  1. Collection of homemade delights from Asian eatery, Fer (Instagram)


41-10 29th St., Long Island City

Fer is a culinary gem born from the legacy of Manhattan’s Burp Bowl Cafe. Savor signature rice noodles that transport you to the vibrant streets of Southwest China. Artisanal southern meat and vegetable small dishes also promise a diverse and immersive flavor experience.

Clothesline Empanadas from Newsroom (Instagram)

  1. Newsroom

Through a Door 11-01 43rd Ave., Long Island City

The Newsroom unveils itself only on Friday and Saturday nights. Begin your journey at the Station Lounge, a nostalgic nod to 1990s NYC subway stations. Here, behind the covert façade of a newsstand tucked discreetly behind soda fridge doors, awaits the entrance to this hidden gem. The Newsroom effortlessly marries intrigue, entertainment and gastronomy, promising nights that will linger in your memory.

Chicken and lamb gyro from Shah’s (Shah’s)

  1. Shah’s Halal

42-02A Greenpoint Ave., Sunnyside

Shah’s Halal Food, the popular food truck at the corner of Greenpoint Avenue and 46th Street, has established a permanent presence in the heart of Sunnyside. Shah’s now serves its loyal and growing customer base from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Popular menu items range from savory Gyros to scrumptious rice platters, all brimming with unforgettable flavors.

These exciting additions to western Queens’ dining scene are a testament to the borough’s growing reputation as a culinary destination. As New Yorkers and visitors alike look forward to exploring these new flavors, it is clear that western Queens is poised to satisfy even the most discerning palates in the year ahead.


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