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PODCAST: We Speak to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, She Seeks Another Term in Congress

June 10, 2020 By Christian Murray

The Democratic primary for the 14th Congressional District takes place June 23 and incumbent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seeks another term.

The congresswoman is running against former CNBC reporter Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and community organizer Badrun Khan.

We speak to Ocasio-Cortez about what she has been doing in congress and why she believes she deserves another term.

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I will be voting for Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. Michelle will be a great asset, she has the ear of President Trump, she has resided in a Trump property, a factor that will facilitate her access to the highest (if now somewhat degraded) echelons of power. AOC is rather unfriendly to real estate developers and union-busters like Amazon and speaks unkindly about Queens native Trump. Disqualifying. All my Wall Street colleagues concur.

Justin MacLean

I am not a Mew York resident, but want to show my support. Please let me k now what I can do. Thank you


I wish her the best when she returns to her former occupation. Best of luck, Alexandria!


Hope not another term. We need a business friendly person and the one who doesn’t call on defunding the police. Businesses employ people who live and work in this city. This city suffered enough due to virus lockdown. We don’t need a politician who wants to make things even worse and divide us even more.


That begs the question, Willy Wilhelm and his driver? Don’t say no, til you know!! LOLOL!!!! Hey. a couple months ago, at the height of the pandemic he was the one to say Fireworks, there WILL be fireworks for the Fourth of July. Gettin’ in a little practice pre-4th?? LOLOL!!!!


God willing the people in her districts will now see her for what she is and remember what she has done for them and all NY’ers. Which is nothing good and plenty bad and plenty of nothing. Like the loss of 20 freakin billion dollars in tax revenue from the loss of Amazon moving their NY headquarters here as well as all the jobs that were lost. She isn’t solely responsible for that but she certainly could have helped prevent it. The voters were hoodwinked by a pretty face with no political experience whatsoever. She has garnered national attention due to her sheer pomposity and grandstanding. God forbid she gets a greater foothold in congress by another term. Hopefully the people in her districts have learned enough to prevent that from happening. BTW at the beginning she was raw and unfiltered and anyone could see what she was about. But she has slowly but surely polished her act, obviously is being helped with that by more experienced pols. When she started it took all of 1 minute to see her. Now it takes a a few minutes of her dancing around with words to get a bead on her positions. And they benefit no one. Just remember this is the woman who rallied for no more cars, no more air travel, totally renewable energy sources such as solar wind etc. and other truly delusional ideas ALL WITHIN TEN YEARS TIME!!!!! The pomposity is strong with this one. You can build a new facade on a dilapidated building, but underneath you still have a building destined to collapse.

JH Resident

Vote her out she is a socialist anti american who wants to take away your freedoms how she was ever elected to Congress is beyond me

Save the Robots

Her disregard for our community (which has never been “her” community) alone should be reason enough that voters reject her.

Let’s not make the same mistake twice.


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