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Queens Officials Denounce Pro-Trump Rioters Who Stormed Nation’s Capitol

Pro-Trump Rioters mobbed the Capitol Building today seeking to overturn the lection

Jan. 6, 2021 By Allie Griffin

Several Queens lawmakers took to Twitter this afternoon to denounce the pro-Trump rioters who stormed the nation’s Capitol in what many are calling an attempted coup.

The president’s supporters pushed past law enforcement on the steps of the Capitol building, broke into the building and took over the Senate chamber and member offices.

The mob smashed windows and stole artwork and podiums from the Capitol building. One person was shot dead, according to news reports and footage posted to Twitter.

The extremists stormed the Capitol in support of President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the election was fraudulent. The break-in forced lawmakers to halt the certification process of the Electoral College votes that will confirm Joe Biden’s victory. Members of Congress were evacuated or told to shelter in place.

Many Queens electeds put the blame for the mayhem at the feet of Trump, who held a rally prior to the riot.

Congresswoman Grace Meng, who was in hiding during the siege, said Trump is fully responsible for rioters.

“He told them to come to the Capitol,” she wrote on Twitter. “He invited violence and put our colleagues, staff, Capitol police in harm’s way. There is no greater interrupter of peace and democracy than him.”

Meng also said that she “was terrified for her life” and even said goodbyes to family members.

Rep. Gregory Meeks, who was sheltering in D.C., said he is safe, but “utterly devastated” by today’s riot.

“The world is watching as the greatest democracy braces against an attempted coup, stirred by its leader who’d rather watch the country burn than transition power,” he tweeted. “Our ability to advocate for democracy around the world will be significantly hurt after this tragic day in America.”

Rep. Carolyn Maloney — whose district spans Astoria and Long Island City, as well as the east side of Manhattan and Greenpoint, Brooklyn — posted a video to Twitter in which she called the riot “extremely disturbing.”

She said she and her staff are safe and sheltering in place in D.C.

Meanwhile, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez tweeted “I’m okay” and “Impeach.”

Back in Queens, State Sen. Jessica Ramos said the president must be arrested.

“Donald Trump must be arrested and impeached,” Ramos tweeted. She called the attack on the Capitol “a coup attempt.”

Queens’ sole Republican council member also denounced the violence at the Capitol.

“The chaos that is currently underway at our nation’s Capitol is an embarrassment,” Council Member Eric Ulrich, a Republican, tweeted. “People have a right to protest but this is pure anarchy. No American, Democrat or Republican, should ever condone violence.”

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards simply wrote “domestic terrorism” in a tweet.

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, who may be eyeing a run for Queens borough president position, also took to Twitter.

“All of the Republicans who shamelessly went along with this coup which drove this violence must be held accountable,” he wrote. “They are a disgrace to this country.”

Police arrested at least 13 people and seized five guns during the violent protest, the New York Times reported. Law enforcement were able to secure the Capitol building by 6 p.m., according to the Times.

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I think this is just a taste of what can come in the future if they don’t prepare for the worst. This president has no compation for no one. Dangerous man. If he was of a difference race, would this tragedy been permitted?@

stan chaz

Pro-Trump supporters you say? More like Trump lemmings.Lemmings who have been incited & warped by five years of Trump’s lies, lemmings who have drunk his cool aid , lemmings who are following Trump off the cliff of self-destruction, both of themselves and our democracy. With an increasingly desperate & deranged narcissist in the White House, I pray for the safety of America & Americans for the next 13 days. On this day of shame & infamy, on this day of January 6th 2021, did you get what you wanted Mr. Trump? Are you proud of yourself for inciting your mobs of “special people that you love”? …mobs that rampaged through our nation’s Capitol building causing death & destruction, the very same Capitol building that was saved by brave passengers on United Flight 93, passengers who, unlike yourself, were true patriots. Oh, but you, with your conveniently retractable bone spurs,wouldn’t know anything about true patriotism and love of country, would you? Because all you love is yourself, and cheeseburgers. What a sorry excuse for a President you are. Good bye and good riddance Donald. May your big behind get a well-deserved whack as you exit, crying and whining, from the Oval Office, the same Oval Office that you’ve denigrated and despoiled for four long years. You leave behind the sorry & shameful legacy of being a liar, a loser, a cheat and a traitor to our most fundamental democratic ideals, a President who shamefully aspired to be a would-be tinhorn dictator, whose only real concern was his own self-interests. Our long national nightmare will soon be over. It’s time to dream new dreams & better dreams that rebuild an America we can all be proud of.

Sara Ross

Trump has been an instigator of violence since his campaign. He loves to see people fight and destroy property yet he didn’t have the you know whats to fight for the USA! While the Capitol was being broken into and vandalized, he was sitting in his bouncy house watching this and he even praised these people! The history books should skip over him.

Anonymous Smith

I hope these wackos also denounced the Antifa/BLM sponsored violence that occurred in NYC.


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