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Queens Residents Hold a Series of Peaceful Protests Over the Weekend

Police Officers take a knee with protesters in Jamaica Sunday (Photo: @NYPDQueensSouth)

June 1, 2020 By Christian Murray

Demonstrators came out in Queens over the weekend to voice their anger over the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

Hundreds took to the streets of Jackson Heights Saturday in a protest that formed in Diversity Plaza. Protesters in Jackson Heights chanted “black lives matter, black lives matter” and
“no justice, no peace,” as they made their way to the 115th NYPD Precinct house on Northern Boulevard.

The demonstration, while at times tense, was without incident–unlike the raucous protests that took place outside the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn and in Foley Square in Manhattan.

Meanwhile on Sunday, demonstrators marched in a peaceful event in Jamaica. At this protest, demonstrators actually cheered on some officers who took a knee with them in solidarity to their cause.

A video was posted to Facebook showing three officers taking a knee and the NYPD posted a photo of the moment to twitter.

Also on Sunday there was a peaceful gathering titled “Say Their Names: Gathering for Black Lives” at Travers Park in Jackson Heights. Demonstrators held signs with the names of black victims who had been killed by the police.

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Queens Resident

I encourage you to look up police brutality videos from NYC, LA, Portland, Minneapolis, Columbus, Asheville, Atlanta…. The police have been doing these “photo ops” with peaceful protestors and then immediately beating them or spraying them with tear gas/pepper spray. In Asheville, NC the police tear gassed and destroyed a medic tent that the city approved of. That is a technically a war crime, ask anyone in the military and they will tell you that. In NYC, they have been stealing peoples bikes so that they can’t get home before curfew. A cop rammed his cruiser into a group of protestors. And no, throwing water bottles at a cop car is not a threat on his life. In Atlanta, they brutalized and tear gassed a Black couple as they were being allowed to drive away from the protest. At least that video is on CNN. If you refuse to educate yourself and see what is really going on, you are feeding into a pro cop narrative that is skewed and fundamentally false. Look up the videos. Watch what American citizens are sharing. This is the only way to educate yourself since the news won’t be showing the same thing. If cops are meant to protect and serve, why are they so giddy about putting on riot gear and beating up the citizens they claim to love. ALL of these protests have been peaceful UNTIL the cops arrive using violent excessive force. That’s your tax dollars they are wasting….


Amazing, “if they truly supported us, they would quit their jobs”. And leave us all unprotected for thugs, whose side you’re evidently on. If protesting crowd stays peaceful and within their constitutional rights, nobody maces them.

Queens Resident

Shame on you for using an image of cops kneeling to further a false “good cop” propaganda narrative. Enough. I was there on Saturday. I am glad there was no violence from the police, but don’t believe for one second that they can be trusted. This is a tactic. They’ve knelt in other cities, only to turn around and mace the crowd. Don’t get it twisted. Enough with this propaganda. Show the people protesting. Do not praise the police. The NYPD is a violent, racist gang. If they truly supported us, they would quit their jobs.


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