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SEE IT: Horrific video shows man stabbed, beaten with baseball bat in Woodside over alleged parking spot spat

A disturbing video has been posted online showing an enraged couple violently attacking a man in the middle of a Woodside road Friday — with the woman pummeling the bloodied victim in the head with a baseball bat and her boyfriend then appearing to stab him in the face.

March 22, 2023 By Michael Dorgan

A shocking video has been posted online showing an enraged couple violently attacking a man in the middle of a Woodside road on March 17, with the woman pummeling the bloodied victim in the head with a baseball bat and her boyfriend then appearing to stab him in the face.

The disturbing video shows the couple — Daisy Barrera, 27, and her boyfriend Arturo Cuevas, 30 — attack the victim on 47th Avenue, between 48th Street and 49th Street, just before 4 p.m. on March 17 following a dispute over a parking spot, according to police and the criminal complaint.

The attack left the victim, Wilson Chabla Lliguicota, 28, in critical condition and with brain damage while the couple has already been arrested for attempted murder in the second degree and on multiple assault charges, according to the complaint.

The shocking video was posted Tuesday, March 21, to the Twitter account @FightHaven, a combat sports page, and has generated more than 5.3 million views. The viral video has been widely circulated on other social media pages too.

The footage starts while the brutal attack is already underway, with the victim sitting upright on the road that is covered in blood.

Cuevas, who is holding a sharp object in his hand, can be seen stomping on the victim’s back while Barrera, his girlfriend, appears to be shouting at an onlooker while she wields a baseball bat.

Barrera then shouts out “motherf**ker,” before she turns and swings the bat — pummelling victim Lliguicota on the side of his head. At the same time, Cuevas kicks the victim in the head.

Lliguicota, the victim, then collapses onto his side before slumping face-first on the ground.

As Lliguicota attempts to get up, Cuevas shouts at him in Spanish and then points the sharp object at him.

Cuevas then appears to stab Lliguicota in the face before the video cuts out.

The video also shows a bystander trying to intervene in the beatdown while a woman can be heard yelling “oh my God, stop!”

**Warning: Graphic content, viewer discretion is advised**

Before the footage begins rolling, Cuevas had already stabbed Lliguicota multiple times in the body while Barrera had hit him at least once over the head with the bat, according to the description of events outlined in the criminal complaint.

Lliguicota was rushed to hospital with four stab wounds to his body and one in his face. He underwent brain surgery and is on a ventilator, according to the most recent report.

An eyewitness who tried to come to the Lliguicota’s aid was struck by Barrera in the arm with the baseball bat.

The couple told arresting police that they had carried out the attack. They have been ordered held without bond.

“It was me, I told you it was me already,” Cuevas said, according to the criminal complaint.” I already told you that I’m the one who did it.”

Cuevas also told police that he knew the victim and told them the weapons used in the attack were in his apartment.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz condemned the attack.

“This shocking display of brutality will be met with justice,” Katz said in a statement Monday, March 20. “We have charged attempted murder and given the viciousness of the attack, asked the court to keep the defendants in custody prior to trial. The request to remand was granted. Our thoughts are with the victims.”

Council member Julie Won, who represents the district, echoed Katz’s words and said that it wasn’t the first time that the couple and Lliguicota had clashed.

“The horrific attack between two neighbors is out of the norm and not reflective of our neighborhood,” Won said in a statement provided to the Sunnyside Post/QueensPost/QNS on Wednesday, March 22.

“The individuals involved in this case have previously reported altercations between them and have been in relations with one another, this was not a random attack,” Won said.

“Our office will continue to monitor this situation and will continue to fund sustainable public safety solutions for our community. If you are seeking mediation for conflict with your neighbor or someone you know please reach out to Community Mediation Services and NYC Bar Association.”

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