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Speaker Adams says Mayor’s right-to-shelter revocation ‘capricious and arbitrary’

May. 11, 2023 By Ethan Stark-Miller Joining a growing chorus of critics of Mayor Eric Adams’ Wednesday night executive order to suspend parts of the city’s right-to-shelter law in anticipation of a potential migrant surge with the end of Title 42, City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams on Thursday called the action an “arbitrary and capricious…
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Independent Budget Office says Mayor’s projected cost of migrant crisis is overblown, but admin hits back

May. 8, 2023 By Ethan Stark-Miller City Department of Social Services (DSS) boss Molly Wasow Park refuted a new analysis from the city Independent Budget Office (IBO) finding Mayor Eric Adams’ administration’s migrant crisis cost estimate of $4.3 billion is overblown, during a Monday City Council hearing examining her agency’s proposed budget for the coming…
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Adams says $1B in state migrant aid isn’t enough to reverse city budget cuts

May. 2, 2023 By Ethan Stark-Miller

Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday said that $1 billion approved in the state budget for reimbursing the Big Apple’s migrant crisis spending won’t be enough to reverse recent wide-ranging cuts he’s made to city agency budgets in anticipation of the influx’s projected cost.