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Several mental health bills to support veterans passed by City Council 


Dec. 26, 2023 By Iryna Shkurhan Several pieces of legislation geared towards supporting veterans—two of which were introduced by Queens city council members—were passed by the council last week.  The Council put forward the Mental Health Roadmap in April as part of an effort to expand prevention and support services to those in need of mental health resources. It also sought to increase interagency coordination, address the shortage of mental health workers and limit the intersection with the criminal justice system, all while increasing awareness.  The second phase of the plan, unveiled in November, focused on the mental health needs…
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WATCH OUR DEBATES | City Council candidates battle it out ahead of June 27 primaries

Jun. 5, 2023 PoliticsNY

Beginning June 5, Schneps Media and PoliticsNY will be hosting a series of key debates for the New York City Council primary elections.

The virtual debates, to be conducted over Zoom, will begin the evening of Monday, June 5, and will be moderated by a member of the Schneps editorial team.