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Ridgewood Church besieged by trash due to landlord neglect: Violations could cost thousands


Mar. 22, 2024 By Anthony Medina Concerns are mounting among neighbors, parishioners and Community Board 5 leadership due to a neighbor’s neglectful habit of leaving piles of trash behind their building, adjacent to the Ridgewood Presbyterian Church, since last year. Neighbors say the sudden appearance of party lights and loud music erupting from the site…
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Report: NYC on pace to reach only 20% of annual housing production target


Oct. 5, 2023 By Ethan Marshall According to the latest Multi-Family Foundation Plan Application Report conducted by the Real Estate Board of New York, the city is on pace to produce just 10,000 new units this year. This would be well short of the 50,000 unit target set by Mayor Eric Adams and housing experts…
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Scaffolding outside Queens courthouses has been there nearly five years — and is unlikely to disappear anytime soon

Jun. 14, 2023 By Ethan Marshall In the Queens court system, the people are represented by judges and lawyers — and, apparently, scaffolding. These temporary steel and wooden structures, typically used to protect people from fallen debris during exterior construction work, have become a common feature wrapped around the exterior of courthouses in Queens for…
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