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Cops on Roosevelt Island fatally shoot knife-wielding suspect who threatened family members in apartment: NYPD

Aug. 5, 2023 By Zachary Gewelb

Officers from the 114th Precinct in Astoria fatally shot a knife-wielding suspect in the lobby of a Roosevelt Island apartment building after he allegedly threatened to attack a family member while off his medication and under the influence of marijuana, Assistant Chief Christine Bastedenbeck, the commanding officer of Patrol Borough Queens North, said in a press conference early Saturday morning.

According to Bastedenbeck, officers from the 114th Precinct responded to multiple 911 calls regarding a 21-year-male who was threatening a family member with a knife inside their apartment at 540 Main St. on Roosevelt Island at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 4. Bastedenbeck said one of the callers was a relative who was inside the location at the time of the incident. The caller said the man was off his medication and under the influence of marijuana, according to Bastedenbeck, who did not offer any details regarding a motive behind the incident.

The two responding officers were backed up by two additional officers. Bastedenbeck said that body camera footage shows the four officers enter the building’s lobby, with three of the officers proceeding to one of two elevators, while one remained at the lobby door.

At that time, the suspect emerged from the second elevator — which was not occupied by responding officers — and advanced to the officer who was securing the lobby door. Bastedenbeck said the suspect then began swinging a knife directly at the officer, who retreated out of the lobby. The suspect then charged toward the elevator occupied by officers, still armed with knife, according to Bastedenbeck.

Bastedenbeck said the officers attempted to deploy a Taser before discharging their firearms, striking the suspect. A large knife was recovered from the suspect’s right hand.

A large knife was recovered from the suspect’s right hand.Photo courtesy of the NYPD

Officers began rendering aid to the suspect until EMS could transport him to local hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 12:28 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 5, according to Bastedenbeck.

No officers or civilians injured during the incident, Bastedenbeck said.

An investigation into the incident will be conducted by the NYPD’s Force Investigation Division and additional information will be made public as it becomes available.

While fielding questions from reporters during the press conference, Bastedenbeck said the victim’s prior history is not known at this time.

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